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Recruitment and Selection

Course Ref: HR.3

Course Subject: Human Resources

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Who should attend?

  • HR Directors who are in charge of designing a fit for business resourcing strategy
  • HR professionals who would like to enhance their knowledge of recruitment and selection
  • Resourcing managers who would like to enhance their recruitment skills to ensure ROI

Learning Objectives

  • To gain greater understanding of integrating business and resourcing strategy
  • To understand the employee value proposition and how to develop, resourcing plan, retention and flexibility strategy
  • To develop skills to design a fit for business recruitment plan
  • To learn how branding impact quality of recruitment and how to create your brand
  • To strengthen organisation on-boarding strategy to ensure ROI

Course Content

Resourcing Strategy

  • The strategic HRM approach to resourcing
  • Integrating business and resourcing strategies
  • Workforce planning
  • Employee value proposition
  • Resourcing plan
  • Retention strategy
  • Flexibility strategy

Prepare to Recruit

  • Network marketers
  • Recruiting Principles
  • Connect with more people
  • Assemble your tools
  • Develop your personal success story

A Recruitment Process Fit for Purpose

  • The overall process
  • Choosing and engaging with an agency supplier
  • Recruiting for the role in-house
  • Shortlisting

Attraction and Assessments

  • How to develop a great recruitment brand
  • Indirect and Direct candidate attraction method
  • Develop your assessment process
  • Determining who to hire and what to assess
  • Different assessment criteria
  • Interviews


  • Completing the recruitment process
  • On-boarding from day one and beyond
  • Transitioning into your team
  • Joined-up recruitment