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It was an interesting training programme and we really enjoyed the lectures and the class activities.

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General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE

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Public Relations Management - Level 2

Course Ref: PR.1B

Course Subject: Public Relations

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Course Overview

  • The world of communications is a rapidly changing one. New Public Relations techniques evolve quickly and PR managers need to stay abreast of the latest trends to be effective operators. Our one week training course, Public Relations Management – Level 2, builds on Level 1 and helps PR managers learn up to date communications techniques, become familiar with new industry standards and understand how to lead a successful PR campaign. The curriculum is designed to assist delegates understand the processes and procedures for meticulously planning an effective PR campaign, in a schedule of comprehensive training modules taught by experienced PR practitioners. Our training consultants take delegates through each phase of a campaign step-by-step examining what managers expect from journalists and what editors need from them. Delegates examine case studies composed of successful and unsuccessful campaigns and work with consultants to provide their own solutions to each public relations challenge. In addition to this, the course covers the influences of social media and multi-media on PR, press conferences, interviews, and media relations.

Who should attend?

  • PR Managers, Executives and Assistants
  • Marketing Managers, Executives and Assistants
  • Those in PR in public sector, private sector and not-for-profit organisations
  • Those in PR at the national, regional and community level
  • Those working for international, global or supranational organisations
  • Those who need to understand the rapidly changing media environment

Learning Objectives

  • To strengthen current management, structures, methods and techniques of PR
  • To create a successful PR plan
  • To overcome the challenges of project managing the implementation of the plan
  • To make an impact with appropriate market analysis, management and results measurement
  • To maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) of PR

Course Content

What you are Promoting?

  • PR to promote organisation’s vision, mission and strategy
  • Benefits of products and services
  • Target messages for specific audiences, stakeholders and markets
  • Objective measures of success: KPIs
  • Return on Investment: ROI

Social Media and Multi-media

  • Understanding the scope, power and immediacy of these media
  • Monitoring what is said, where and by whom
  • Responding to negative feedback positively
  • Pro-actively participating in social and multi-media
  • Dos and don’ts

Five Steps for a Successful PR Plan

  • Agree your objectives, set targets and quantify results
  • Appropriate channels, methods and mix
  • Maximise budget and resources
  • Recruit and manage your PR team: internal and external
  • Effective project management of the implementation

Media Relations

  • What do you want from editors, journalists and their media?
  • What do they need from you?
  • Understand the pressures and deadlines they are under
  • Work together to build long-term durable relationships
  • Ten top tips for developing lasting relationships

Press Conferences and Interviews

  • Managing press conferences and dealing with journalists’ enquiries
  • Giving winning television interviews
  • Radio interviews with impact
  • Handle difficult questions on the telephone
  • Avoid the 5 most common mistakes