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I had a wonderful experience at LCT, meeting people from different organisations and cultures with management experience. When I return home I’m going to organise a knowledge sharing programme to share what I have learned from this training. I hope to be back again next year.

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Pensions Administration

Course Ref: AM.12

Course Subject: Advanced Management

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Course Overview

  • Pensions administration is a key component of the good governance of pension’s schemes – it’s the glue that holds pensions schemes together. Not to be confused with pension fund administration, this five day training course covers the key issues of the various ways of structuring schemes, such as defined benefit, defined contribution, and hybrid schemes, and the extensive administrative and risk management tasks associated with the schemes. Participants will learn of the drivers of reform, risks and internal controls, pension’s governance principles and the legal structures of schemes. The training course will focus on the experiences and challenges of implementing schemes for formal sector employees, both public and private sector. It will also consider the approaches being taken in some countries to providing pensions for the informal sector.

Who should attend?

  • Executive and senior managers involved in the creation and implementation of corporate policy concerning business sustainability, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.

Learning objectives

  • To provide participants will a solid grounding in pensions principles both public and private sectors
  • To enable participants to influence and improve the administration of schemes
  • To identify the drivers of reform
  • To alert attendees to pensions issues in their own countries
  • To improve governance and risk management of schemes

Course content

Pressures to provide for old age

  • Purpose and objectives of pensions schemes
  • Major types of pensions
  • Comparative funding techniques
  • Demographic forecasts
  • Scheme reform trends

Multiple tier structures

  • Five tiers to manage risk – the building blocks of pensions
  • The three sectors of society and how pensions address their needs
  • Links to welfare
  • Continuing role of the extended family

Comparative legal forms

  • Trust-based and contract based
  • Public sector employee schemes
  • Changes to provident schemes
  • Legislative and regulatory issues
  • Nigeria case study

Key administrative tasks

  • The glue that holds the scheme together
  • Six essential functions
  • Usage of IT
  • Pensions risks and the four T’s of risk management

Pensions governance

  • Governance principles
  • Role of the governing body
  • International practices and codes
  • Internal controls