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The training consultants were marvellous. They were extremely competent, knew the topics extremely well, and brought the course to life. LCT is a well organised centre, with kind and friendly staff. I will always remember this training. Thank you.

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Oil and Gas Sector: Finance

Course Ref: OG.1B

Course Subject: Oil and Gas

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Who should attend

  • Senior managers within the Oil & Gas sector or those identified via organisational talent management for fast track to a senior role
  • Public sector officials with responsibility for the state management of Oil & Gas resources
  • Engineers and Project Managers who are looking to develop leading edge practice for both themselves and their organisation

Learning objectives

  • To provide delegates with an in depth understanding of the key financial management systems
  • To fully equip delegates with the necessary understanding of financial instruments and their impacts
  • To enable delegates to effectively manage: Market risk, Credit risk and Liquidity risk
  • To enable delegates to undertake effective financial modelling and scenario planning

Course content

Key Financial Management Systems

  • Effective Budget preparation and management
  • Cash flow management and forecasting
  • Interpreting key financial statements
  • Key financial ratios & Analysis

Effective Treasury Management

  • Overview of global treasury models
  • Pure return portfolio structuring
  • Pure income portfolio structuring
  • Defensive portfolio structuring

The role and impact of financial instruments

  • Derivatives
  • Bonds
  • Options
  • Futures

Effective Risk Management

  • The key concepts and elements of risk management
  • Managing Market Risk
  • Managing Credit Risk
  • Managing Liquidity Risk

Practical Financial Modelling

  • Key principles within Financial Modelling
  • Constructing key financial models
  • Linkage of models and sub-models
  • Scenario Planning Applications