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The course was well organised and everything ran smoothly. The class discussions were informative and revealing. I would like to thank LCT for their efforts and congratulate them on a job well done.

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Internal Auditing - Level 3

Course Ref: FIN.5C

Course Subject: Finance

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Who should attend?

  • Delegates who have experience of auditing, either directly as an auditor or from within the financial function and who are looking to further develop a focused and best practice approach to the development of the internal audit function.

Learning objectives

  • To develop the role of the audit function
  • To effectively contribute to organisational audit strategy
  • To engage continuous improvement and quality measurement within the audit function and wider organisation
  • To present information effectively at a senior level
  • To integrate new technology into the audit function

Course content

Review of Key Audit Function Foundations

  • Review of key action points
  • Developing synergies between organizational systems to combat Fraud & Economic Crime
  • Global Best Practice – Case studies and analysis
  • Key action points – Delegate action plan development

Audit Reports – Working with Stakeholders

  • Effective post audit de-briefing
  • Root cause analysis
  • Developing departmental action plans with stakeholders
  • Managing conflict situations

The Use of Technology within Economic Crime Fighting

  • Overview of new fraud prevention technology
  • Voice analysis systems
  • Data analysis systems
  • Integrating the use of technology within the audit function

Effective Linkage of Organisational Systems

  • Overview of key organizational systems – Finance, HR, Governance, CSR
  • Closing the loopholes to assist in legal prosecution case efficiency
  • Ensuring true staff policy compliance
  • Establishing & managing – Staff register of interests & Conflicts of interest

Engaging with External Auditing

  • The key role and objectives of external audit
  • Ensuring availability of evidence
  • Overcoming organizational cultural challenges
  • Capturing learning & growth opportunities form the external audit