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I am happy to say that my objectives for participation in this course have been totally met and that I have acquired additional unexpected skills which will help improve my schedule of work. In addition to the above, I have acquired skills which will enhance the quality of my life as a whole.

Assistant Legal Director
Bank of Ghana

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Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Course Ref: OG.2

Course Subject: Oil and Gas

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Who should attend?

  • Professionals who need to learn about the industry
  • Personnel within the industry
  • Technical support staff entering the industry
  • Technical staff who want to expand their understanding of the industry
  • Students considering the industry as a career

Learning Objectives

  • To provide a comprehensive overview of the oil and gas exploration and production industry
  • To provide a historical, current and future perspective for both non-technical and technical staff
  • To provide an overview of the principles of exploration, drilling, development and production
  • To provide an understanding of what is happening in the industry
  • To provide an understanding of what the future holds
  • To understand the full lifecycle of exploration to product delivery
  • To understand the nomenclature and terminology used in the industry

Course Content

Introduction to Exploration and Production (E&P)

  • History and cultural perspectives
  • Types of oil and gas resources
  • Petroleum geology and geoscience
  • Finding oil and gas

Subsurface aspects of E&P – Reservoirs and Wells

  • Understanding the reservoir
  • Drilling
  • Optimizing production

Surface aspects of E&P – Processing and Export

  • Oil and gas production and export facilities
  • Development project management and costing
  • Health, environment and safety

Business aspects of E&P

  • Integrated Field Development Planning
  • Production contracts and licenses
  • Economic, risk and investment analysis
  • Decision making