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The overall experience at LCT was very good. The training was conducted by experts and I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was practical rather than theoretical. There were video recordings to illustrate how interviews can be best managed, and role plays which were also very good for learning. The farewell lunch also gave me a chance to interact with other delegates at LCT and make good connections.

Senior Public Relations Officer
Auditor General’s Office, Uganda

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Financial Risk Management

Course Ref: FIN.8

Course Subject: Finance

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Who should attend?

  • Delegates who have either a direct or indirect responsibility for financial risk management within their organisation. The course fully equips delegates with the necessary skills, tools and templates to develop or enhance their approach to financial risk management.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the concept and impacts of effective financial risk management
  • To effectively classify, quantify and mitigate a range of financial risks
  • To integrate financial risk management within overall organisational risk management initiatives
  • To develop a structured robust financial risk management system for their organisation

Course content

The Role and Impact of Financial Risk Management

  • The concept of risk management
  • Identifying key areas of financial risk
  • Classification of risks
  • Quantification and mitigation of financial risks

Credit Risk

  • Types of credit risk
  • Default risk and impact
  • Concentration risk
  • Gearing risk
  • Credit risk mitigation strategies

Market Risk

  • Types of market risk
  • Equity risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • FX risk
  • Commodity risk
  • Market risk mitigation strategies

Liquidity Risk

  • Overview of liquidity risk
  • Market liquidity
  • Asset liquidity
  • Funding liquidity
  • Liquidity risk mitigation strategies

Corporate Governance

  • Financial risk management as part of organizational risk management
  • Integrating risk management within Governance policies and structures
  • Development of financial risk audits
  • Effective measurement and reporting of financial risk management initiatives