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I will not forget the training I have had at LCT. The training consultants are of the highest quality. I also really appreciate the customer orientation at LCT. You really take care of your participants.

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Customer Service Management

Course Ref: M.8

Course Subject: Management Skills

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Who should attend?

  • This course has been designed for those who understand the importance of improving their customer service in the long term and is suited to those who deal with managing customer service or customer relationships; customer service professionals, service agents, front-line workers, managers, supervisors and business professionals who interact with customers and wish to improve both their skills and organisational success.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the impacts and effects of poor customer service and become more aware of the link between good customer service and organisational success
  • To generate ideas to make improvements to the way they work with and respond to their customers
  • To understand and meet the ever-increasing needs of their customers
  • To make a good first impression, develop and maintain ongoing relationships based on trust and high quality communication
  • To be able to Handle “difficult” customers more effectively and confidently
  • To become more customer focused in their work
  • To learn the importance of team work in customer care

Course content

An Introduction to Customer Service

  • Who are “the customers”?
  • The costs and impacts of poor customer service
  • Knowing your customer make up
  • Understanding unpleasant experiences

Essential Customer Service Communication Skills

  • Active listeners
  • The message drop out
  • The three elements of effective communication
  • Building rapport with verbal communication

Calming Upset Customers

  • Understanding what makes customers upset
  • Avoiding upsetting customers
  • Key steps in calming upset customers
  • Strategies for calming upset customers; face-to face, over the telephone, via email

Telephone Based Customer Service

  • Why the telephone is so important to customer service
  • Telephobia
  • Mastering the telephone

Time and Stress Management

  • How good is your time management?
  • 10 Tools to help you manage your time in customer services
  • Understanding the stress of customer services roles
  • Managing, or eliminating, stress