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Corporate Financial Planning

Course Ref: FIN.3A

Course Subject: Finance

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Who should attend?

  • Delegates from all sectors who have responsibility and input into financial planning within their organisation, or who are financial practitioners looking to develop leading edge financial planning skills for themselves and their organisation.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the role and function of management accounting
  • To financially plan for mergers and acquisitions
  • To enhance financial management systems within the organisation
  • To appreciate options and opportunities within capital and debt restructuring
  • To understand the role and impact of the Treasury function

Course content

The role and function of management accounting

  • Key functions and impacts of management accounting
  • Management accounting to support internal stakeholders
  • Management accounting and the overall financial management system
  • Overcoming challenges within management accounting

Financial planning for mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Establishing capital requirements for M&A
  • Sources of funding and their financial evaluation
  • Capturing the financial benefits of integration
  • Ensuring effective financial due diligence

Effective financial management systems

  • Key features and benefits of effective financial management systems
  • Establishing effective controls
  • Assuring the audit trail
  • Effective organisational reporting

Capital and Debt restructuring

  • The concept of matched funding
  • Options and opportunities within capital restructuring
  • Options and opportunities within debt restructuring
  • Balancing capital and debt ratios

The effective Treasury function

  • The role and impact of the Treasury function
  • Overview of financial instrument usage within Treasury
  • Market & geographic risk
  • Balancing Treasury investment portfolios