Advanced Procurement, Contract Management and Effective Negotiation

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The training is very targeted and relevant to the work that I do. The content was well researched and tailored to suit my kind of job. The training consultants were excellent. LCT certainly has the right trainers for the course.

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Kenya Power

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Advanced Procurement, Contract Management and Effective Negotiation

Course Ref: OP.2

Course Subject: Operations Management

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Who should attend?

  • Purchasing executives, senior managers, and professional staff from supply chain management, logistics and inventory planning and control
  • General managers wanting to understand the procurement function
  • Project managers involved in plant and equipment development projects
  • Technical personnel involved in performance specification of plant and equipment
  • Engineering planners working with complex maintenance material requirements
  • Quality managers seeking to understand how suppliers are selected

Learning objectives

  • To set up and manage a procurement activity
  • To select suppliers using appropriate evaluation methods and criteria
  • To measure supplier performance
  • To identify ways to increase procurement effectiveness and efficiency
  • To work with user departments to improve procurement within the organisation
  • To negotiate effectively with suppliers
  • To manage supply-side risk using contractual methods
  • To manage contractual changes
  • To understand how contracts end
  • To identify and determine how to resolve supplier disputes

Course content

Role of the Procurement Function

  • Key responsibilities
  • Supporting operational requirements
  • Managing supplier relationships
  • Supporting strategic goals
  • Detecting and preventing fraud

Managing the Purchasing Process

  • Making the case to purchase
  • Deciding the procurement strategy
  • Advertising the contract
  • Generating interest
  • Running the competitive cycle
  • From ITT to contract award and beyond

Managing Tender Requests and responses

  • Capturing user requirements
  • Documenting the scope of work
  • Output based specifications
  • Evaluating tender responses
  • Further competitive activity

The Supplier Perspective on Bidding

  • Researching the client
  • Understanding client requirements
  • Identifying competitive advantage
  • Qualification of opportunities
  • Ethical supplier behaviour

Creating Appropriate Contract Documentation

  • Principles of contract law
  • Drafting your terms and conditions
  • Using contract templates
  • Managing risk through the contract
  • Contract case studies

Managing Supplier Performance

  • First steps to management after contract award
  • Building the supplier relationship
  • Developing KPIs to monitor and improve service
  • Linking compensation to contract performance

Negotiating in a Purchaser Supplier Relationship

  • When to negotiate
  • Objectives of negotiation
  • Negotiation preparation
  • What are our negotiables?
  • BATNA – what to do when the negotiation fails
  • Reaching a win-win agreement

Making changes to Supplier contracts

  • Why contracts have to change
  • The contract variation process
  • Managing price variations
  • How contracts change

Managing Contract Disputes

  • What is a contract dispute?
  • “I’ll see you in court”
  • Arbitration
  • Alternative dispute resolution methods
  • Negotiating a settlement

ILM This course is accredited by the Institute of Supply Chain Management (IOSCM)