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Am I a kinaesthetic learner?

Am I a kinaesthetic learner?

Representing around five per cent of the population – according to Studying Style – kinaesthetic learners are in the minority when it comes to...

Am I an auditory learner?

Am I an auditory learner?

The second most common result of our ‘What Type Of Learner Am I?’ infographic quiz is the auditory – or aural – learner.

According to research...

Am I a visual learner?

Am I visual learner?

If you’ve just taken our ‘What Type Of Learner Am I?’ infographic quiz, then you might have just found out that you are a visual learner.


What are KPIs?

What are KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for helping a business to measure its success over a long-term period.

It goes without saying that...

What are the 4Cs of marketing?

What are the 4Cs of marketing? (Thinkstock/Wavebreak)

We've previously covered the 4Ps of marketing and how these components provide essential questions that every company needs to ask itself before...

About Us

Established in 1994, London Corporate Training (LCT) is the UK’s leading corporate training provider, offering over 100 short training courses in Management, as well as technical training in the Oil and Gas sector. Courses are delivered by highly qualified consultants.

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LCT runs corporate training courses in the UK and overseas. In 2016, there are approximately 600 course dates to choose from, with 500 dates scheduled in London and 100 dates scheduled overseas. LCT also offers tailor-made courses for specific requirements.

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At LCT, we focus on running training courses to the highest standard. Our commitment to this key principle is reflected through a number of accreditations and endorsements from world renowned organisations and professional bodies.

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LCT serves numerous markets worldwide including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, with clients operating in the: Oil and Gas; Banking; Government; Telecommunications; Manufacturing; Port and Transport Authorities sectors.

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Tailor-Made Courses

Whatever your needs, objectives and requirements, LCT can design well thought out tailor-made programmes to meet them. Such made-to-order training courses offer our clients immense cost-reduction and content-adaptation benefits.

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For updates on any LCT related developments you can check our News section. This includes any important information that LCT needs to share as well as newsletters, articles, hints, tips and advice relating to training and management.

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Management training in UK

Regardless of the sectors that professionals work in, skills and knowledge are always going to be invaluable and with the help of the experienced team of trainers here at LCT, professionals one and all can gain the relevant skills and knowledge in order to carry out essential tasks in a proficient manner. Now perhaps people may ask, ‘Why choose LCT as opposed to other providers?’ Well, the simple answer is, people should choose our management training programmes and workshops because we truly do care about the delegates who enrol with us, which we feel sets us apart from the crowd.


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